MapleHolland Server status:

0 Web users now Online.
6 Players playing MapleHolland.

427 Accounts Created.
423 Characters Created.
5 Guilds Exist.

11 Banned Hackers.

Are you new here at MapleHolland, Read this!

Introduction: How to start playing MapleHolland?!

1st: Download the MapleHolland.exe client Click me!
If you do not have the MapleStory v90 setup installed, you need to download this too.Click me!

2nd: Create a account at Klik hier!
3rd: Register at our forums if you need help and support: Click me!
4th: Place the MapleHolland.exe in your MapleStory folder (C:\Nexon\Maplestory)

Optional: If you have Windows 8 & 10 download WIN_8 WIN_10.
5th: Vote for our server get NX cash (vote button at our homepage)

If you have problems connecting to MapleHolland look at the end of this page.

! Server rules !

* Cheats/Hacks are not permited and you will get a PERMANENT BAN.
* Server bugs have to be reported, you can go to the forums or report to a GM. If you abuse a bug you will get a PERMANENT BAN.
* Foul language/Discrimination is not permited. You will get a warning, if you keep crossing the line you will get a PERMANENT BAN.

Having problems connecting to MapleHolland. MapleHolland doesn't start, or error messages.

Potential problem 1 ; You are a Windows 8 or Windows 10 user and mapleholland doesn't start.

Download extra, WIN8_WIN10.exe at our download pagine.

Potential problem 2 ; Firewall is blocking connection to MapleHolland

Turn your firewall off to see if it fixes your problem. If it does, create a rule to allow the connection. Or keep your firewall turned off(not recommended).

When i start MapleHolland.exe i get missing msvcp71.dll

Download these dll files here place it in your maplestory folder (C:\Nexon\Maplestory).