MapleHolland Server status:

0 Web users now Online.
15 Players playing MapleHolland.

777 Accounts Created.
1134 Characters Created.
7 Guilds Exist.

19 Banned Hackers.

Are you new here at MapleHolland, Read this!

Introduction: How to start playing MapleHolland?!

1st: Download the MapleHolland.exe client Click here
2nd: If you do not have the MapleStory v90 setup installed, you need to download this too.Click here
3rd: Make sure you download the Dinput9.dll from our download page. Click here
4th: Create an account at Click here
5th: Register at our forums for help and support & Join the discord!: Click me!
6th: Place the MapleHolland.exe & Dinput9.dll in your MapleStory folder (C:\Nexon\Maplestory)
7th OPTIONAL: Download the WZ files and place them in your maplestory folder, overwriting the old ones.
8th: Welcome and Enjoy your stay at MapleHolland make sure you vote for our server get NX cash (vote button at our homepage)

Having problems connecting to MapleHolland. MapleHolland doesn't start, or error messages.

Potential problem ; Firewall is blocking connection to MapleHolland

Turn your firewall off to see if it fixes your problem. If it does, create a rule to allow the connection. Or keep your firewall turned off(not recommended).

When i start MapleHolland.exe i get missing msvcp71.dll

Download these dll files here place it in your maplestory folder (C:\Nexon\Maplestory).